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  If your business doesn't meet today's service expectations, another business certainly will.
Ask: This year, will it be your business?
We don't need more proof of this do we?
The strongest and most profitable companies are the ones with the best customer service - Amazon/Zappos, Virgin Airlines, Hilton, UPS, Samsung, Southwest Airlines, State Farm Insurance, Starbucks - they all have one thing in common: exemplary customer service.
And what does that really mean?
It means your team consistently delivers beyond expecation. Have you
given them what they need to do this?

Attendees of Elaine's Keynotes and Online Training regularly report the truly
amazing difference is, unlike speakers that merely inspire - Elaine rolls out
approaches and strategies that stick and can be easily applied when
employees return to work.

I transform companies and organizations via modern customer service strategies to be number one in their industry. You can expect happier customers who return more often, recommend you to all their friends, higher revenues, a larger share of the market, and a stronger company.

My work has won numerous awards based on third party, independent customer surveys, and clients have reported higher returns and increased customer retention rates. Why do my strategies, keynotes, and training actually make a quantifiable and long-term difference where other training fails?

Well, I'm not some genius, but I do have years of insider knowledgeand experience in both customer service skills and unique training methods to ensure learning takes place and the techniques taught are used immediately. For many years, I was on the front lines facing the toughest customers on the planet, day in, day out. It forced me to innovate and optimize my methods and approaches to turn every angry customer and hopeless crisis into a win for the company.

Not surprising, I was promoted (many times!) to teach my methods to others and develop company-wide training for sales teams, managers, and service reps.

For many of these organizations, sales sharply increased and I was headhunted to do the same at other companies. Finally, this led to the creation of my company Positive Presentatons Inc. in 1999, offering keynote speaking, live training, and Anywhere, Any Time, on Any Device online training.

This has enabled me to train employees at over hundreds of companies and organizations to meet the high expectations of today's consumer.

And given that today's consumer shares their experience via online reviews and social media as well as checks on these reviews before making a purchase, it's never been more important for companies to upgrade their the customer facing employee skills to remain competitive.

Ask about "customerized" topics for your audience.
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  Today's Strategies and Skills
for Your Team to Exceed
Customer Expectations for
Fierce Brand Loyalty
  It's about the kind of attitude and skills that make a real difference and lasting impression on your customers.
There are two important questions:
  1. Do your sales and customer service team members have the enthusiasm and desire to give exemplary service?

  2. Do they have the skills and culture that enable and support them in the delivery of exemplary customer service?

"I Can Fix That" provides your employees with
the skills, approaches, and mindset to not
only solve or avert customer service issues
but also create the kind of experience
customers never forget – in a good way.

"I Can Fix That" is the best customer
service protection for your brand.

"I Can Fix That" turns crises and
service breakdowns into "remarkable"
reputation opportunities.

  Age-Friendly CS Enables
Your Company to Win the Approval and Loyalty
of the Boomer Market
  While it's important to keep in step with the new generation of
customers, you need to train your new generation employees to
meet the needs of aging baby boomers. 10,000 a people
a day turn 65 in the USA. This "silver tsunami" is living longer
and healthier lives than ever before.
  Much emphasis has been put
on using social media to
promote products, but what
about using it after the sale?
  Few companies use social media to retain customers. Receive the tools and strategies to stay in touch, monitor what is said about your company, protect your brand reputation, save thousands of dollars in market research, and understand the importance of guidelines and procedures for online strategies.

Unless you and your customer both get what you want, you
won't forge a profitable relationship.

Every business is in the "relationship busi ness." Your
customer-facing employees need the skills to deepen the
relationship in a profitable way. This presentation reveals a
number of specific strategies to increase customer retention
while avoiding conflict.

    How to Lead
and Manage
the New
Culture of
Care in
a Connected

How must you lead to maintain a team of "customer care crusaders?"

Discover if you have a system problem or a people problem. Learn the strategies to motivate teams to give their best with each and every customer. Build a system of continuous improvement.


The Velvet Hammer is a woman leader who can manage with grace and eloquence and still get things done. She has given up trying what might work for her male counterpart and has found her own unique way to lead others.

This presentation offers highly effective strategies for women, either as managers, leaders, or as customer service or sales representatives.

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