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Organizations realized the cost of service breakdowns at any touch-point (which can happen anywhere in the process of making, selling, or delivering your product or service) became staggering and discovered that even a leader with less than exemplary skills could affect things. Here’s what can happen:

  • Up to 90% of potential customers check online reviews before making the purchase.
  • Instead of customers telling 10 friends, they now tell 500 or post a review where thousands or more could be reading it.
  • It can mess with sales forecasts or unbudgeted marketing costs to get customers back.
  • Added costs to handle refunds, receivables, collections, and sometimes even legal costs.
  • Bad reviews weaken sales staff efforts and demoralize those who work internally. Think of the effect on company culture. Divisions and blame can begin.
  • It can lower stock price.
  • It can lower ability to sell the business or attract investors.

Most Requested Topics:

(1 hour keynotes or breakouts, 2 to 3 hour workshops, or up to full day sessions – Customized for You)

I Can Fix That!

When delivering products or services to customers, we know, things don’t always go as planned. Those who are the first to put up their hand and say “I Can Fix That!” make a difference and when they do – it protects their brand and their reputation both online and offline. Those who neglect Customer Service as their top priority could lose everything they built – quickly. Don’t let your people “Practice” on your customer; make sure they have the skills to fix things both internally and externally.

Audiences learn the top secrets to avert or fix the toughest customer service challenges, especially when things don’t go as planned and stay focused on finding resolve that protects their brand and reputation.

  • Use the secret technique that turns teams into Customer Care Crusaders
  • Deliver extraordinary service even when things don’t go as planned
  • Employ the “Knock it Off Nicely” technique with each other and your suppliers so they understand your standards
  • Implement change and get your teams eager to implement it
  • Use a simple unique technique to solve service breakdowns from the inside out

The Changing Face of the Customer – Are You Ready For “Age Friendly” Customer Service?

Most organizations have been focused on capturing and keeping up on the needs of the “next generation”. However, companies will need to keep their eye on the “Silver Tsunami”, as it is upon us. 10,000 people a day in the United States are turning 65, Canada is following suit, and it is bigger in Europe. This demographic is living longer healthier lives than ever before, but they will not be able to always skirt the issues of aging. What was a “customer expectation” before is not what it will be. Audiences will be astounded about how much change is coming, and what they can do about it. For audiences that don’t want to get left behind, book this customized informative, laugh-out-loud, jam packed idea sharing session.

The demographic wave is upon us, you will have to staff for it or build for it.

Customer Service in a Connected World

Much emphasis has been put on using social media to promote products, but what about using it after the sale?

In this session find out…..

  • Why Exceptional Customer Service is even more critical in a connected world.
  • How every customer touch point matters?
  • The secret on line tool that will give you instant access to your unhappy customer and circumvent instant posts to the world while protecting your brand.
  • Discover how to save thousands of dollars in market research, customer surveys and focus groups.
  • Understand why you must have guidelines and procedures for your customer service online strategies.

Leading a Culture of Customer Care

Everyone’s leadership styles vary, from participative to autocratic and everything in between. There may be no “best way”, however leading a culture of care is based on results. In Elaine’s leadership programs, the focus is on how you can turn your staff into Customer Care Crusaders. In her interactive and laugh out loud sessions, leaders will:

  • Uncover which service breakdowns to focus on first
  • Discover whether it is a system problem or a people problem, or both and what to do about it
  • Learn how to set limits, encourage and engage teams to deliver their best every time because they want to and can
  • Find out which targets, goals and nets to set with your teams and how they can be hit them every time
  • Build a fool-proof system to keep continuous improvement alive and well on your team

Negotiating with Your Customer – So You Can Both Get What You Want

When a customer leaves dissatisfied, or you go broke trying to keep them happy, you won’t be around long to serve them. Client and customer retention is the cornerstone of any business. In fact, every business or not-for-profit organization is actually in the “relationship” business. In this session, attendees will:

  • Know the most important thing to do before you start any negotiation
  • Learn the “Ask, Don’t Tell” approach
  • Uncover that negotiations are not meant to be tough even though they might be stressful
  • Discover how to present your side without alienating the other person
  • A method to understand your final options and walk away position
  • Understand there is no problem so great that it can’t be solved
  • Bonus: Discover why women lead differently than men and what to do about it



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