Frequently Asked Questions

Top 10 FAQ

1. Why should we book Elaine Allison for her learning programs?

  • Elaine is not just an excellent keynote and trainer or facilitator, she has her formal education in curriculum design and adult education and understands the learning process. LEARNING TAKES PLACE in all forms of her delivery. In fact she has results and testimonials that show “Behaviour Change” occurs. Attendees feel, think and do things differently. Just ask her clients.
  • She has designed and delivered hundreds of training programs for clients that include interactive workbooks, exercises, skills practice and testing.
  • Even in keynotes attendees are networking and finding a partner they can work with. Learning takes place because they get an accountability partner to work with (and of course meet new people). A lot of the time, the learning happens in the audience.
  • Most attendees rate her programs at 5 out 5.
  • Attendees are involved and engaged in the areas you want them to learn by using a very thorough problem and skills needs analysis process (included in the price for keynotes and break out sessions) and conducted efficiently through telephone interviews in advance of preparing a training session for you.
  • Sessions are highly interactive where learners are engaged on a key learning objective approximately every 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Her training programs have won acclaimed awards

2. How long are the keynotes or learning programs?

Keynotes are designed to suit your needs and time table. If other speakers go over their time, no problem; Elaine tailors her content to get you back on track. Breakout sessions or other types of learning programs can be 1 or 2 hours, 1/2 day, full day or sometimes up to five days. It all depends on what you as the meeting planner and the client wants.

3. What topics does Elaine speak about?

Elaine is an expert in Customer Service and leadership and has years of dealing with customers and managing front line staff in a variety of industries. She is a business development consultant and understands firsthand the impact amazing customer service has on the bottom line and finding resolve as things don’t go as planned. Find out her secret techniques to prepare your staff to becoming #1 in Customer Service in your industry.

Sample topics for businesses, corporations and associations;

  • I Can Fix That!!! Astonishing Customer Service techniques for finding resolve.
  • Leading a Culture of Care

Contact us to see how we can customize both titles and content for you.

4. Why should we book Elaine Allison for a keynote?

If you need a speaker that can pump up and recharge attendees commitment to customer care, while customizing a program that hits your immediate challenges head on – then contact Elaine today to check availability. She holds the audience’s attention and combines your key objectives with key teaching points while giving them methods to implementing these new ideas the next day. Her stories, points and call to actions get high ratings by attendees and meeting planners with a request back to come and speak next year.

5. How long are Elaine’s keynotes?

30, 60 or 90 minutes. You get to choose. We will develop one distinctly for your audience. Elaine works with the meeting planner to ensure titles, objectives and call to actions meet you and your audiences needs.

6. How do I check Elaine’s availability?

Send her an email, she will get back to you personally most times, within 24 hours if not immediately; unless she is on an airplane or speaking.

7. What are Elaine’s credentials?

  • Elaine was one of Canada’s first female prison guards in an all-male maximum security prison, then became a flight attendant and manager for a major airline. She learned early her skills are transferrable. You should see how many clients she has worked with and case studies she can review with your audiences.
  • She is an internationally recognized speaker and bestselling author of The Velvet Hammer – PowHERful Leadership Lessons for Women Who Don’t Golf, and a contributing author of Roadmap to Success with Deepak Chopra and Ken Blanchard. Visit:
  • Elaine is one of less than 11% of speakers who hold the prestigious CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation that is recognized globally by the Global Federation of Professional Speakers.
  • She has been seen on ABC World News, Global TV in the Globe & Mail, Houston Chronicle and over 200 radio shows.

8. Who else has Elaine worked with? Does she have a track record?

9. Does Elaine have a video so we can get to know her better, see her speak and listen to her philosophies?

10. What are Elaine’s fees.

  • We try to customize something for you that is within your training budget. The more dates of training booked within a year, the more affordable the daily rate becomes. Just ask about this.
  • Larger training consulting projects are based on an “Request for Proposal” basis and we’d be happy to investigate your needs and prepare something customized for you.
  • Keynotes range from $5,000 to $7,500, plus travel and taxes as applicable.
  • The sale of Elaine’s books and products can help offset some of your costs.
  • Elaine only does a limited number of no fee engagements per year and is based on fit.



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