4 Reasons to subscribe your company to Elaine Allison’s
Online Customer Service Training:

Award Winning Training
and Results

Elaine delivers the practical methods and strategies to empower your team to meet today’s high-demand customer. With these modern customer service skills, your company can achieve the same awards and results Elaine has achieved for others.


Your employees can access the recorded training from any device, 24/7. Use the training throughout the year whenever needed for new employees or current employee refreshers.


The training portal tracks each employee’s progress. You will know exactly the specific training they have consumed and their test scores will show their understanding of the material.

Reduce Your Training Expenses

Live training is expensive and exists only during a specific time-period. With Recorded Online Training, it’s always available when you need it at a tiny fraction of the cost you pay for live or even in-house training programs.



With one click, customer service has changed forever!


Protect Your Reputation!

Start Getting Better Reviews Now with the Right type of Training at your Fingertips.

Save on Parking, Catering & Scheduling Headaches.

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Free Preview

“The Cabin Story” – A unique way to resolve conflict

FREE Introduction Module

How to Be Motivated to Deliver Exceptional Service

Find out the number one reason people are motivated to deliver "Exceptional Customer Service" and how this creates and transforms a "Culture of Care".

All Courses:

The Transforming Bundle

Get All My Customer Service and Reputation Management Lessons in One Course!

Module 1

The 3 C’s of Service & Top Expectations

Module 2

Internal & External Customers

Module 3

Service Breakdowns & 3rd Ways

Module 4

Age Friendly Customer Service

Module 5

Knock it off Nicely Technique

Module 6

Managing Conflict

Module 7

3 Ways of Dealing With Aggressive Behaviour

Corporate, Government & Non-Profit Discounts
Offering substantial discounts for licenses, this option is an economical way to bring customer service training to potentially everyone in an organization that will create a stronger customer service culture, building both loyal relationships with customers and a better environment for employees. Pricing is based on the number of participants and locations.


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About Elaine…

  • Best-Selling Author of The Velvet Hammer – PowHERful Leadership Lessons for Women Who Don’t Golf. Visit www.thevelvethammer.com or find it on Amazon.com
  • Elaine Allison is the President of Positive Presentations Plus Inc. and is a customer service expert.
  • She has been designing and delivering hundreds of keynotes and customer service training programs globally since 1999.
  • She not only has the platform skills to engage and entertain an audience, she has her formal education in curriculum design and adult education.
  • She knows learners need to be able to think and “feel” as they learn, plus “do” exercises to stay actively engaged.
  • Elaine has been in the trenches working directly with customers as well as years of experience managing over 1400 unionized customer service employees.
  • Her learners and clients connect with the candid examples and stories explored in the areas that they face daily.
  • The programs and techniques she teaches have proven time and time again that they work.
  • Organizations have seen dramatic improvements in their Key Performance Indicators, customer service scores and have won globally recognized customer service awards (as voted by their customers).
  • Learners declare they’ve used the skills the very next day with extremely positive outcomes.
  • Learners truly feel empowered and state they now have the ability to make a difference to customers and their organizations.
  • Elaine writes and blogs on customer service and is interviewed regularly in online publications and mainstream media. Sign up for her newsletter below.

If you are looking for a program to help you or your teams learn new skills with immediate results to assist with some of the greatest customer service challenges, then you have come to the right place.

Learners are taken right into a live classroom setting, through video and interactive tools that follow along with other participants that aid in the learning process.

Quizzes and Certifications are provided.

Participants say time and time again, "I can’t believe I needed that skill, tool or technique "taught in that way", and I used it the very next day – and it worked".

Managers’ state that this training

"Transformed their Culture of Customer Service"
by making people realize their contribution and difference they can make when given the right tools.
Here’s what some of Elaine’s clients are saying:

“Elaine Allison was truly top notch. She was able to speak to our members’ specific customer service issues, starting from the landscape, and ending in actionable engagement our attendees could walk away with, and use immediately. Her willingness to customize her presentation for our industry, her professionalism and her outstanding materials made her a dream to work with. One member emailed us after the conference to request we provide ongoing online education “just like Elaine Allison’s conference topics.” We were very fortunate to have Elaine at our 2016 conference, and would highly recommend her to any conference planner looking for a standout speaker on customer service.”

Alison Cody
Executive Director
Manufacturers’ Agents Association for the Foodservice Industry (MAFSI)

“We worked with Elaine to develop “I can figure it out”, a 3 hour training workshop for our staff to help them develop new strategies to work with internal and external stakeholders. As the coordinator, working with Elaine was very easy! She was flexible with the scheduling of the needs assessment interviews and met all her deliverables by the timelines required. Overall, the training was well received and our staff appreciated and benefitted from the curriculum delivered, as well as Elaine’s credibility due to her wealth of experiences in various settings. We have limited funds annually to deliver professional development and we feel the return on investment was worth it!”

Maxine Dubuc
CATSA, Advisor – Service Delivery

Here’s what some of Elaine’s Learners are saying:

“It’s such an informative course! The program/format is easy to use and the strategies are clear and simple; I know that I can implement them right away.”

Paula, MOT
Occupational Therapist

“The courses are engaging and entertaining! Infinitely better than the ‘read and click’ courses I’ve had to endure in the past. Thank you!”

Anthony Sheffield
Guest Experience Representative
Rocky Mountaineer

I hope you are ready to Transform!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Who should take this course?

  2. Everyone who has customers and wants transformational techniques!
    Get Training with Results; Reach New Targets!
    Leaders, Senior Executives and even the CEO who need to build on and transform their teams into Customer Care Crusaders to become trusted sources. From large corporations to small businesses, to governments and even volunteers working for non-profits, leaders learn key messaging to reinforce their brand, their meetings and especially help others when things don’t go as planned. See what other leaders are saying about this training.
    FRONT-LINE Representatives and those who Work Internally
    "The Skills are Universal"
    Think on Your Feet
    Make a Difference
    Do things with Ease!

    All learners benefit from the variety of skills and techniques taught, from front-line representatives, to sales, inside sales, call centres, stocking, shipping and receiving, accounting, manufacturing and even engineers and designers/developers all benefit. Keeping customers’ issues resolved makes life much easier. Learners find these skills work at home and in their personal lives too. As the saying goes: “Happy at work, happy at home” and vice versa. Often if a system is broken inside, the customer is getting “hit in the head” with the breakdown. When people are equipped to manage customer concerns, as well as feed new ideas and resolutions back to other departments and team members, everyone’s job becomes easier and organizations are transformed.

    An individual learner accessing and modeling these skills can feel and see immediate results. See what learners are saying about this training.

    This is not just an awareness program – It is Real Skills!
    It is not just information – It is an Experience.
    Get ready to explore options.

  3. 2. What device does this work on?

  4. Learners enjoy a seamless, professional experience on any device. There are FREE PDF handouts that help to anchor the techniques, which can be printed for notetaking (strongly recommended) as they move through the activities. Videos stream without issue (or the need to download), and the audio quality is excellent. Learners can also post questions to a discussion board, read other responses and Elaine answers FAQ’s on a regular basis. Learners can purchase, or log-in and enroll in a course from any device, and get started learning with ease.

  5. 3. How long does it take to complete a program or the entire bundle? Can I start and stop?

  6. It all depends on how a learner schedules their time. It works great for those on differing shifts and at different locations.

    You decide. It is completely flexible. The program allows you to start and stop and resume where you left off when you log back in. You will get a certificate when you’ve finished viewing the videos and completing the quizzes. Some modules take 20 minutes; others take one hour or more, depending on the learner’s own level of online interaction and how they learn.

    Each module can stand alone, but typically builds on the last one. For maximum benefit, most purchase "the Bundle" –which includes all 7 modules, starting with the FREE Introduction module.

    Great for Larger Clients, or even for "Outsourced Teams"

    For our larger clients purchasing for multiple learners, we suggest scheduling 1 or 2 modules per week, and holding meetings the following week to discuss the key learnings and discuss how they can use the techniques in your own environments. Others use the topics as reminders for day to day efforts as things arise and build it right into their meeting agendas.

  7. 4. What if a learner has more questions?

  8. a) Discussion Board & FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) Section
    A discussion board is also available. There are standard terms and conditions for use and posts to the discussion board – and Elaine personally reviews learner’s comments or questions on the Discussion Forum and gathers and responds to posts in the FAQ section on a regular basis. This also allows for ongoing coaching and learning.
    Only available to Subscribers

    b) Available to speak at Your Live Events
    Elaine is also available to come and speak or train in person at a live event.
    Click Here to Request Elaine to Speak

    c) Master-Training of the Program (Train the Trainer)
    Master Training is also available for clients. Bring the course in-house. Trainers can be master trained and are equipped with leader’s guides, handouts, visual aids, exercises, games and certifications. To inquire send us a quick email inquiry.
    Click Here to Contact Us

  9. 5. How long do I have access to the course material?

  10. A subscription allows full access to the course material for one year! You can take courses at your own pace and in your own time. And you can take them as many times as you want!!

  11. 6. I'm a manager. Can I track how my teams are doing?

  12. For our Group or Corporate Clients, reports can be requested to monitor participants completion of the programs, such as, their progress with a certain module or the entire program.

  13. 7. Is there a certificate of completion?

  14. A certificate of completion is provided. All programs include a quiz or activity as well as a final quiz and summary at the end of the course. Certificates are automatically generated and learners’ if needed, can print them out once all videos and quizzes have been completed. Certificates can now even be uploaded to a Learner’s LinkedIn page.

  15. 8. How do I add more learners to my group license discount?

  16. Just contact us! We can add more people to your group subscription at any time during your 1-year agreement. You will receive the same rate per person that you received when you purchased your group subscription and they will have immediate full access to the content.

Thanks for visiting…
Thank you for taking the time to visit and learn about these online learning programs. The skills are universal. I have trained Customer Service across the globe and realized we all have one thing in common – people and customers want to be treated like someone cares before, during and after a transaction. We all know things won’t go as planned. However, as mentioned, the game has changed. It is instant and the power has gone to our most prized resource – The Customer. I truly believe from my heart that if we can solve and serve customer challenges from the inside and out, by providing the right skills at the right time. The goal is to improve competencies and attitudes for both individual people to help them gain the skills they need but also for organizations as a whole, so they will be able to manage their reputation in today’s online world. By both preparing to avoid and avert customer service challenges, and having the opportunity to make a difference and contribute (especially when things don’t go as planned), everyone is lifted. If we keep more customers coming back, we can keep more people employed, and when we have more people employed (think globally), we all get to enjoy a higher standard of living. Are you ready to make your contribution? I hope you enjoy the learning.


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