April, 2011:

The 3 C’s of Service – Miss One and You Might Not Get the Customer Back

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Do you know your customer expects 3 basic things when they make a purchase with your company?

These are  3 essential elements to include in your customer service training

Courtesy, Competency and Concern and they are all interdependent.  One without the other – and you have a problem.

Let’s explore these 3  C’s when we are the customer – Courtesy, competency and concern.  First, Courtesy, we all know when it doesn’t happen and you feel it.  How many of you have had someone who was abrupt, rude or disinterested?  The product or service worked as planned and the employee could fix the problem efficiently (Competent), they may have shown some (Concern) that you at least got the product or service.   2 out of 3 isn’t bad, so you’ll probably accept it, not necessarily leave, but you will remember that they were short or indifferent and you probably won’t rave about it to anyone.

We all know what incompetent looks like – they just don’t have the understanding to offer solutions to the issue or they can’t work the software properly, or the product and they fail to ask for help internally and learn – they just say sorry!   Or worse, you get pushed around to another department.  They lack any Competency.  Believe it or not, the employee is often as frustrated too. Those companies with well trained staff and outstanding order entry or escalation processes get rave reviews and raving fans.  At the end of the day as consumers, we just want resolve.

The final thing we want as customers is at least someone to give a darn – be Concerned.  For example, Show some empathy to my plight.  Keep me informed, tell me that the airplane is not moving because of a mechanical problem, or you are working on fixing the software and when it might be fixed.   At least show some understanding that I’m not going to get what I need at the exact moment that I need it.  (Even if it is that someone will be with me in a moment).

How many of you recall someone who was really efficient, never spoke to you except to take your payment, or worse didn’t even look at you.  Some airlines still do this as they pass your boarding card under the reader.  They are competent and as fast as heck, but really don’t care if you use their services or not – they forget that we (the customer), are the one’s paying for their dinner tonight.

If your employees are great at one, but not all 3 – your complaints can rise, and your profits go down.  Do they know the importance of all of these.  Courtesy, Competent and Concern.

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