Take the Mall Parking Lot Personality Assessment!

Why not play the “Mall Parking Lot Game” and lower your stress this season. Feel free to share this blog.


Thought I would have some fun with this, given that I just went to the mall. The next time you are in the mall parking lot this season, and looking for that perfect spot, I guess any spot, turn it into a game and see if you can uncover and “name” the personality style of your competitors. I’ve also given you a tip on how best to adapt so you can keep your sanity and maintain the holiday spirit.

Just drive through any mall parking lot this season and I bet you can tell the different personality types already. There are those who hesitate; the kind of people who are frozen in making a decision because they don’t want to be too pushy – but then they hold everyone up and the honking begins. There are those who rush in and “steal your spot”. There are those who even park strategically assessing the best time to go, the area that would most likely have a spot, and then there are those who just don’t care, they just go and hope for the best and keep driving around until one appears you may pass them several times.

I’ve taught the personality styles programs and how others can adapt for years now. I think it is even more critical at this time of year, where we have to really adapt due to the never ending lineups. Everywhere from restaurants, to malls, and even FEDEX ™ and the postal service – there is a crunch happening. January can’t come fast enough some days.

Understanding your personality and those of others is a critical skill for both those who are face to face with customers but also with internal customers and teams so you don’t cause any further cog in the wheel (or touch-points).

Here are the four styles: See if you can see your personality, then have a look at how you can best adapt to that person who is driving you crazy. I guarantee it will be heightened because of the frenetic pace of the holiday season.

The Dominant Driver (The Chief)

This person typically drives more aggressively. They make decisions quickly and if you hesitate, they’ll take your spot. Their main personality is seen in their need to get things done. They are the “doers”. If they have a task, they want it checked off the list.

Best way to adapt to “The Chief”: Be purposeful.

The Hesitant Driver (The Friend)

This is the opposite style to the Chief. They are much more patient, friendly and considerate. Their main goal is to keep people happy. They are great at including people, and sometimes they are too nice and cause delays. Their main personality trait is to get along. They are the “friend” and want to keep peace at all cost. (The Chief won’t hesitate to take your spot though – so try not to get resentful if you are not more purposeful in your driving).

Best way to adapt to “The Friend”: Be patient.

The Happy Driver (The Enthusiast)

This person is normally talking, can be distracted, and not always focused. They will near miss you, or miss a spot as they drive past. They may appear way too happy for this time of year. However, if you tick them off – they’ll get demonstrative and may over react to the situation. Their main goal is to stay enthusiastic and optimistic about the holidays – so they will get over it quickly as they move on to their next quest.

Best way to adapt to “The Enthusiast”: Be nice

The Intentional Driver (The Problem Solver)

This person normally orders online, has completed their shopping months in advance due to their amazing talent of planning and organizing. In fact you may not even see this person in the parking lot at all. If you do, it is because their plans have changed (and by the way – it is not their fault). They may have parked at the back of the mall or gone at off-peak times. Their main goal is have things planned well enough in advance, that they don’t get involved in the chaos.

Best way to adapt to “The Problem Solver”: Let them drop you off at the front-door and then let them go park. They will meet you in the restaurant, which is probably a win-win situation.

Happy Shopping! ….and all the best to you this season!




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