February 8th, 2011:

Engage Your Staff in Customer Care – Do You Know How?

Customer CareThe quality of customer care shown to your customers by your staff will impact your reputation in either a negative or positive way. Customer care is the hallmark of your business.

How do you train your staff to deliver exceptional customer service?

Tell your staff how to treat your customers and they will try, but not always deliver on the promises.

Engage them in ways to delivering or exceeding expectations and  resolving customer issues as they occur, and you will witness them actually doing it time and time again.  You see the number one motivational factor in the workplace is not necessarily money.  Mind you, if you take it away, they may not show up. However the number one motivational factor is actually CONTRIBUTION.

The ability to contribute – to make a difference is energizing.  In fact, it is the meaning of life – why are we here?  To make a difference (big or small).  It just feels good when someone can “Fix it”- such as your reason for wanting a product or service in the first place, or if you have a complaint.  This is regardless, whether you are giving it, or receiving it.  It just feels good.  That is why employees like working for winning companies that look after their customers and deliver on their promises – a certain pride is exuded when they hear their friends and family say – Oh, they’re the best.  In fact without great service you may not last long.  Competition is fierce.

How to do engage them.  Either hire an expert facilitator, or do it yourself if you can manage the multiple ideas that will come up and get your staff involved in the process.  This can be done by facilitating ideas in meetings to finding new ways to deliver services or products, or reviewing typical and ongoing customer service breakdowns and their possible solutions.

Note: Don’t point anyone out – keep the scenario as generic as possible and focus on the solutions.

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